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Review: Two award winning faculty members summarize the LLSA articles in a highly-focused review that emphasizes key areas of relevance for the exam, leaving out the superfluous material. We have courses from the year 2004-current. Also, handouts with the summary pearls will be given for review and reference. Remember

LLSAPrep guarantees you will pass your exam or your money back!

Discuss: The speakers are dedicated to expanding and strengthening your knowledge base, but more importantly want to engage the audience by reating a fun, interactive format. The concepts from the articles will be used lead discussion on a variety of topics such as:

  • local risk management issues
  • current practice guidelines
  • deviations from guidelines to promote change in future practice

This forum affords emergency medicine groups the opportunity to formalize practice and reduce error. This format will help you sharpen your knowledge and broaden your perspective. In addition, our dynamic, witty speakers will enliven the lecture.

Test: We recommend that users of the online course take their LLSA test onlineimmediately after their session while the material is still fresh mind. Please have your ABEM EMCC user ID # (available from or 517-332-4800) and your credit card in order to register for online LLSA exam ($95 per exam). Did we mention that LLSAPrep guarantees you will pass your exam or your money back?



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"Just passed LLSA. Really LOVED the experience! Thank you so much. Will pass it on to doc-friends the wonderful experience."